UX Research

You think you've built a great site, but it's just not converting. We can show you why - and how to fix it.

Real People, Not Assumptions

We talk to actual consumers to get their impressions of your website. We watch how they navigate, find their pain points and come up with strategies to remove your roadblocks to success.

Follow Your Customers’ Journey

See the parts of your site that are engaging your visitors, and the parts that are falling short. Find out what pages they visit, which CTAs they engage with and which parts of your site aren’t getting the visibility they need. We give you the concrete data you need to make decisions.

Actionable Plan

We’ll use all this data to help you put together a strategy that helps optimise your website for maximum engagement. We’ll help you address the opportunities, fill in the gaps in your UX and turn your website visits into revenue.

UX Research FAQs

UX Research systematically studies user behaviours, needs, and motivations through observation techniques and feedback methodologies. In the realm of digital platforms, particularly websites, it ensures seamless and intuitive interaction. By investing in UX Research, businesses align their platforms with user expectations, increasing user satisfaction, reduced bounce rates, enhanced engagement, and higher conversion probabilities. A meticulously researched UX design can significantly boost user retention and business ROI.

UX Research is the cornerstone of CRO. By illuminating pain points and barriers within a user's journey, UX Research offers actionable insights to streamline that journey, directly influencing conversion rates. Moreover, throughout the product development lifecycle, incorporating UX principles ensures that each phase — ideation, design, development, or iteration — is laser-focused on delivering user value, fostering user loyalty and advocacy.

Yoghurt Digital utilises a holistic suite of tools and methodologies for UX Research, including but not limited to user personas, journey mapping, user interviews, usability testing, heatmaps, and session recordings. Our rigorous participant selection process, combined with our iterative research methodologies, ensures that findings are deep-rooted in genuine user behaviours and highly tailored to your target audience, making every insight gleaned actionable.

Market research predominantly maps the larger landscape — gauging market size, competition, and general consumer sentiment. UX Research, conversely, delves into the nitty-gritty of individual product or service interactions. It's the difference between understanding 'what' consumers want versus 'how' they want it presented. By bridging the gap between user expectation and product design, UX insights can guide and enhance everything from content strategy to search engine marketing campaigns, and email outreach, ensuring a consistent and engaging user journey across every touchpoint.

Post-research, Yoghurt Digital translates gathered data into clear, actionable strategies, ensuring that insights don't remain in a vacuum. Collaborating closely with design, development, and marketing teams, we drive the strategic implementation of these findings. We then employ rigorous tracking and analysis, monitoring metrics such as conversion rates, user satisfaction scores, and engagement rates, thus ensuring that every enhancement is constantly assessed and optimised for peak performance.

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