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The Challenge

Click Frenzy is Australia’s biggest online shopping event. It brings together the most reputable online retailers and their exclusive offers for a 24 hour sales event, four times a year. Retailers are given a platform to advertise their best deals online to an audience of over 580,000+ unique users.

Click Frenzy wanted to improve the user experience of the website in order to help both advertisers get more sales and the end users find exactly what they’re looking for. If they could improve the website’s design and create a more seamless experience for consumers, advertisers would in turn reap the benefits, thereby making the Click Frenzy event even more successful.

The challenge was that without a solid measurement plan in place, the Click Frenzy team didn’t know where to start. It was difficult to know what was or wasn’t working, and even more importantly, what changes needed to be prioritised.

Our Approach

As Click Frenzy is a 24-hour event, the strategy required agility, precision and care. The approach was to collect all of the quantitative data we needed over the course of the event itself, using heat maps, scroll maps, analytics modelling and event tracking.

We combined all of the data sources together with some qualitative research we conducted after the event concluded and produced a 40+ page UX research report that included 14 actionable insights.

Our deep dive into analytics, event tracking and heat maps revealed:

  • Traffic trends over a 24 hour period to identify the busiest periods
  • How often users would return to the website during the 24 hour period
  • Which categories had the most traffic
  • Which categories had the most clicks
  • Demographic data on all categories
  • The average scroll point for users when they were browsing offers
  • Which parts of the page received the most attention
  • Which devices users were using to access the website and the differences in behaviour across each device

Here were some of our key findings (provided with permission from Click Frenzy):

  • The importance of the ad format and location for advertisers. “Featured Ads” have an 18% higher click-through rate than regular ads.
  • The importance of the product image. 42% of all clicks were on the image itself, not the call-to-action or product name. A clear, high quality image that sets the advertiser apart makes a big difference.
  • The importance of a mobile-first website. Advertisers must have mobile-first websites or they won’t be able to close the sale during the event
  • The home page is extremely valuable real estate. 20% of all click-outs occur from the home page. Advertisers who show their offers on the home page receive significantly increased exposure and traffic.

Click Frenzy implemented our recommendations based on the data and insights we collected prior to their next event, and then monitored the results to see what impact it had on click-outs from the Click Frenzy website to their advertisers. The impact was immediate, with Click Frenzy almost doubling their number of click-outs, making it their most successful event on record.

The deals space is highly competitive, so we’re always looking for an edge to make our event bigger and better. If we can make consumers happy, then our advertisers are happy - which is exactly why we engaged Yoghurt Digital. They were able to distill large volumes of consumer behaviour data into digestible, actionable insights for us to implement, which directly led to us having our most successful event yet. I highly recommend using the Yoghurt team for all things conversion optimisation.

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