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Helping Australia's largest network of paint stores paint the town red

The Challenge

Inspirations Paint is Australia’s largest network of paint stores, with over 130 stores nationwide. While they don't manufacture any of their own products, each year they sell over 25 million litres of paint, which equals 1-in-every-5 litres of paint sold in Australia.

With such a significant retail footprint, Inspirations Paint had several core goals for their digital strategy: build brand awareness, engage and delight consumers by providing inspiration and solutions for their home projects, and drive in-store traffic and sales.

After some initial auditing of their digital strategy, we worked together to identify the greatest areas of opportunity. We narrowed this down to:

  1. The structure and focus of their paid media campaigns, which currently had very low quality scores. This was causing inflated CPCs, was sending consumers to the incorrect areas of the website, and wasn't focused on the goals of the business.
  2. The website's design and navigation made the user journey unnecessarily complicated, making it hard for consumers to find the information they were looking for.

Our Approach

We’re really pleased with the work that Yoghurt Digital has done. They’ve got great reporting, a good team, and you feel like you’ve got good access to the key leaders of their company. We really like the Yoghurt process, so I would recommend them as a digital partner in the CRO, SEM and SEO space.

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