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Nursing a baby clothing brand's paid media strategy back to health

The Challenge

ergoPouch is a company renowned for the design and manufacture of high quality baby swaddles, sleeping bags and sleep suits, offering a diverse range of fashion forward designs and prints. They pride themselves on being the reliable and trusted innovators of natural, organic sleep products for babies and toddlers.

ergoPouch has been a client of Yoghurt Digital’s since early 2016. Since then, the online retail landscape for baby clothes has become more and more saturated, with competition rising dramatically as more and more brands shift their focus to e-commerce over physical retail.

So while we’ve delivered rapid growth and consistent results since taking over ergoPouch’s paid media account both nationally and internationally, we were tasked with refreshing the strategy to see what we could do to improve overall return on ad spend (ROAS). The goal was to improve overall efficiency and continue to grow impression share to drive the brand’s growth in an increasingly competitive market.

Our Approach

When we first took over the account in 2016, we rebuilt their paid media strategy from the ground up. It needed stronger foundations and a clear goal, so we overhauled the keyword list, broke keywords out into targeted ad groups with more relevant landing pages, optimised bids based on ROI, wrote completely new ad copy and implemented ad creative variations for A/B testing.

By creating a more detailed account structure we were able to optimise on a far more granular level, assigning budgets to areas of the account that were performing best. This lead to an almost immediate impact to the return on investment from this channel.

In the first month we took over, ergoPouch’s PPC campaign went ROI-positive for the first time ever, with a 3:1 ROI. Several months later their ROI had jumped to 8:1 - and all while spending 26% less budget.

Fast forward to 2019, and performance has continued to improve - but the renewed focus is on ROAS.

Our first step was to implement smart shopping, which allowed the most relevant combinations of ergoPouch’s visual and text assets to be shown to consumers across search, display, YouTube, and Gmail.

We also added all campaigns - besides smart shopping and pure brand - into a single shared budget with a portfolio bid strategy across all the terms optimising to a specific ROAS goal, which gave Google’s algorithm the power to decide across all terms which were most likely to drive a positive return and prioritise budgets accordingly.

In addition to this, we implemented bid adjustments for gender and age in order to ensure we were targeting an audience that was more likely to convert.

Not only did these account optimisations increase efficiency across the account, we also saw the ROAS increase from 305% to 1,190% for the same period year on year, with only a 25% increase in spend. For a smaller but rapidly growing player in a booming industry, they couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.

Since working with Yoghurt Digital, the team have helped us refine our paid search strategy globally and managed our accounts efficiently with great success. The role of SEM in our marketing mix is an important one, and the Yoghurt team has been proactive in aligning SEM with both our product and marketing strategies, as well as customer insights and shopping behaviour. We appreciate Yoghurt being at the forefront of SEM and helping ergoPouch capitalise on the ever-evolving technology in this space.

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