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Raising the pride and joy of Australia’s most experienced baby store

The Challenge

Baby Village is one of the most experienced baby stores in Australia. Offering a wide range of products from the moment of parenthood planning up until their baby’s up and running, they pride themselves on an outstanding shopping experience.


Organic Visibility & Traffic

Baby Village's organic performance was crawling backwards when we first picked it up due to a migration gone wrong. The team at Baby Village knew organic search was a viable sales channel, but needed help in identifying the issues. Given our expertise in search engine optimisation, we were tasked with raising their pride and joy.


Paid Channel Performance

The structure of the campaigns was heavily focused on brand traffic, which was limiting the ability to build brand awareness amongst prospective consumers. Furthermore, there was only a single paid channel being used - search - the growth potential for which was hampered by limited impression share of top-performing campaigns. The account structure and paid media strategy was in need of a fresh start and a clean slate.

Our Approach

Organic Visibility & Traffic

To help Baby Village’s internal team produce a steady stream of content, we conducted creative content workshops on ideation and creation. Subsequently, we put a focus on end-users by delving into content surrounding in-store customer questions, partnered pieces and sharing first-hand experiences of the business’ co-owner and mom-to-be, Jess.

On the technical side of things, we worked with developers to facilitate scripts to batch upload action items so we could focus efforts on adding better functionalities that are not available on Baby Village's CMS, Kentico. Lastly, on their Google Ads campaigns, we worked closely with the data to learn and optimise performance by identifying high-converting keywords with low competition to get the most effective and efficient spend of a tight monthly budget.

We managed to get Baby Village's site back up and running by taking a user-first approach. With usability and accessibility front of mind, implementing our recommended strategy and SEO best practices saw Baby Village's growth in becoming a healthy site with a strong foundation that can be further built upon. Now, relevant content is readily served to users resulting in an exciting boost in organic traffic and conversions.


Paid Channel Performance

We started with a complete overhaul, completely revamping their keyword list, restructuring the account, rewriting the ad creative, and implementing an entirely new paid channel strategy. This rebuild allowed us to set proper foundations from which to grow and scale the account, which started paying dividends almost immediately.

But although the initial rebuild we executed for Baby Village was performing well with a high return, it didn’t have the scope to cover the full range of Baby Village products while still providing tailored copy to ensure a seamless user journey.

We continued to test, learn and optimise the account structure to allow for more specific ad copy and tailored optimisations at both a brand and product level. This also allowed for easier product additions to help with long-term growth as products and customer priorities changed.

After helping them launch Google Shopping, we then worked with Baby Village to resolve feed discrepancies and upgrade them to smart shopping.

This two-pronged approach allowed for an increase in Baby Village’s reach, whilst still being targeted to high-intent customers so that ROAS wasn’t sacrificed as revenue grew.

Since commencing with Yoghurt Digital a year and a half ago, we have come together as a team that runs on credibility, creativity and transparency. We work with Yoghurt Digital on multiple digital platforms and believe their varied expertise has been the main driver of our online success. We have seen an increase in ROI of over 100% year on year every month under the care of the Yoghurt team. They make us feel like our business is their business in that we are aligned in our goals and together we are willing to put in any effort to ensure the success of Baby Village.

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