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Improving the search performance of an iconic sneaker brand

The Challenge

Converse is one of the world’s most recognised brands. They’ve been an iconic and beloved sneaker manufacturer for over 100 years, showing up in rock clubs, on the streets, on rappers, on icons, on rebels and originals. Converse is the sneaker of choice for individuals.

We were approached to improve the effectiveness of their paid search campaign. While the campaign had been running for some time, the feeling was they'd hit a plateau they couldn't seem to break through. We were tasked with finding a way to optimise the campaign and improve the return on investment.

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Our Approach

Whenever we take over a paid search campaign, our starting point is always an in-depth audit of the entire account. Without understanding the campaign’s history and existing setup, it’s impossible to develop a strategic roadmap for optimisation. The results from our audit indicated that we would be more effective and drive performance more rapidly by restructuring the entire account, rather than working with what was already there.

We overhauled the keyword list, broke keywords out into targeted ad groups with more relevant landing pages, optimised bids based on ROI, wrote completely new ad creative and implemented ad creative variations for A/B testing. Of course this isn’t all that we did, but it’s all we can mention here.

By creating a more detailed account structure we were able to optimise on a far more granular level, assigning budgets to areas of the account that were performing best. This lead to an almost immediate impact to the return on investment from this channel.

We are incredibly happy with the results we have been achieving since engaging Yoghurt Digital. From the outset, the team at Yoghurt have taken a hands-on approach to the overhaul of our paid search campaign which has resulted in rapid improvements to ROI from this channel, allowing us to scale our business in a competitive vertical.

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