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Australia's leading online mattress superstore needed help with their paid search campaigns.

The Challenge

BedsOnline is one of Australia’s largest online mattress retailers. A division of eCommerce Ventures, an online retailer delivering trusted Australian bedroom products. Their focus is on delivering value to customers by providing the best beds, mattresses and pillows in the market at industry-low prices. No pushy salesmen or retail store prices.

The growth of BedsOnline's paid search channel had stagnated over the course of the previous 12 months, and despite having worked with some of Australia's largest digital agencies, nobody had managed to achieve meaningful progress. BedsOnline tasked us with improving their return on investment from their paid channel.

Our Approach

Our recommendations were two-fold:

  1. Conduct consumer behaviour research to identify friction points in the purchase process and key motivations for purchasing Audit and restructure the paid search account, making it more focused on profitable areas of the business.
  2. The research piece uncovered consumer demographics, psychographics, geographics and provided valuable feedback, while also providing critical insights on website structure, functionality, the purchase process and the overall shopping experience.

All of this information was used to upgrade the website’s user experience, overall design and purchase funnel. It also led to a series of A/B tests, looking at everything from the checkout process, design of the product and home page, and the size and functionality of the search bar.

Furthermore, the demographic and psychographic data we collected from the research was used to write highly targeted ad creative for the paid search campaign, focusing on the unique selling points consumers told us were most important to them.

We also put a particular focus on the structure of the paid search account. Each ad group had only one keyword in it, giving us control over the performance of the campaigns on an incredibly granular level. Each keyword had ad creative that was highly targeted to the consumer’s search intent and a landing page that was relevant to the consumer’s stage in the buying cycle. We also setup bidding strategies on a keyword level based on geographic location, day of the week, hour of the day and, for specific product campaigns, the weather.

We’ve used several SEM companies but under the watch of Yoghurt Digital, we enjoyed turnover growth year-on-year. If you’re hard working, keen for results and are willing to take advice then you’ll make progress with Yoghurt. Everyone else in this space is a waste of time and money. If you don't believe me then call me. Michael will give you my number.

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