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The Challenge

Smile by Design is a modern cosmetic dental practice with locations in Sydney’s Northern and Eastern suburbs. Priding itself on its culture of customer care, comfort and service, Smile By Design has won numerous awards and is considered one of Australia’s most respected dentistry practices.

Smile By Design had been achieving steady results from their paid search campaign, but the numbers weren't growing - and neither was the business. They felt they could be getting better bang-for-buck and a more proactive approach to increasing leads for their business, which led to them reaching out to the Yoghurt team.

Our Approach

Whenever we take over a paid search campaign, our starting point is always an in-depth audit of the entire account. Without understanding the campaign’s history and existing setup, it’s impossible to develop a strategic roadmap for optimisation.

In this particular case, we felt it would be more effective to rebuild the account from scratch than to go through a very lengthy optimisation process to get account health to a solid level.

The rebuild included:

  • Revamping the keyword list
  • Updating keyword match types
  • Breaking out keywords into their own ad groups, rather than keeping them bunched together
  • Expanding the negative keyword list
  • Putting a new bidding strategy in place
  • Improving the landing page designs
  • Re-writing all of the ad creative, including implementing A/B testing different copy
  • Adding callout extensions, sitelink extensions and click-to-call extensions

Once the new campaign was approved and live, we monitored the campaign closely on a daily basis to continue assigning budget to the best-performing areas of the campaign. It didn’t take long for the campaign to see improvements, and within four months we had almost tripled their enquiries.

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