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Building organic visibility for estate planning tech pioneers

The Challenge

Safewill was founded with the mission to make estate planning affordable and easy using modern technology. The company empowers people to write their Will online and have it reviewed by a legal team. It takes the stress, confusion and expense out of estate planning.

But Safewill was struggling to gain traction with organic rankings. It needed to find a new audience and new revenue from search, but there was no search volume for its brand terms, and it hadn’t been able to crack the first page of results with non-brand keywords. Safewill engaged Yoghurt Digital to help increase its organic visibility and get it outranking its competitors.

Our Approach

We started at the very foundations with Safewill, conducting a full SEO audit on their website. We analysed every technical aspect of the site, identified on-page optimisation opportunities, put together a link building strategy and investigated every factor that could impact Safewill's organic rankings.

Within a few short weeks, we were able to put together a content marketing strategy to get Safewill's site ranking on non-brand terms. We helped them structure their blog and provided a content calendar of posts targeting high volume, low competition keywords that could bring them a new audience and elevate their brand profile.

Once the content calendar was set, we provided Safewill's in-house writer with detailed copywriter briefs for each piece of content, outlining the structure, recommended meta information and keywords to include in each blog post.

Finally, we performed quality assurance on every published blog post. We gave feedback on how to better optimise each finished piece of content for organic ranking, and made sure all the meta information was correctly implemented.

The result? From the time Safewill began implementing our content and SEO strategy, it saw its organic rankings grow by 648%, including a 676% increase in rankings for non-brand keywords. Safewill also saw a 550% increase in keywords ranking on page one.

Safewill's organic visibility has continued its upward trajectory every month since working with Yoghurt Digital.

Since working with the team at Yoghurt Digital, we’ve seen a strong increase in our organic rankings and overall SEO performance. The team supported us in the early phase of our SEO strategy and this translated to more organic traffic to our website.

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