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Increasing Website Conversions
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Boosting Conversion Through Better User Experience

The Challenge

Yoghurt Digital performed an extensive research study for MONEYME to understand users' pain points, uncover customer desires and move them from the primary landing pages to completing the loan or credit application.

Our solutions centred around structural and personalisation opportunities that provided improved clarity to users leading to increasing conversions for MONEYME by over 100% on the tested pages and application journeys!

Our research sought to understand the following:

  • What motivates users to enter the application journey?
  • What factor causes users to exit before completing their application?
  • What are competitors doing that we can leverage or improve on?

To ultimately determine what MONEYME users need to make a conversion.


Our Approach

Through a multi-method approach gathering comprehensive customer insights regarding better user-centred designs, Yoghurt Digital leveraged a combined qualitative and quantitative methodology - interviews, user testing, analytics, surveys and more to identify pain points and customer desires from a sample size of approximately 500 users.

Yoghurt summarised the research into four key themes of opportunity.

  1. Content
  2. Structure
  3. Personalisation
  4. Visual Design

We used these insights to inform various experimentation strategies. Our experienced team then developed designs based on project goals and target audience to achieve a superior, user-friendly design.

The Results


By triggering tailored experiences based on specific behaviours, we helped fulfil user needs and interests, increasing conversions by over 117%.

Content changes

By repositioning elements that users deemed necessary via the research, we increased conversions by approximately 35%.

Structural changes

By giving cues to users to allow them to navigate long pages more efficiently, we increased engagement by over 38%

Implementing a Better User Experience

After rigorous experimentation, the MONEYME team successfully implemented the winning strategies, significantly increasing website conversions. Yoghurt is committed to enhancing the user experience on the MONEYME website through ongoing experimentation and continuous improvement.

Our team's expertise in A/B testing and data analysis has enabled us to expand our services across other MONEYME services. By leveraging our data-driven approach, we have helped drive tangible business success for MONEYME.

Our Research Driven Approach

Partnering with Yoghurt means accessing our proven methodologies and expertise in delivering exceptional user experiences.

Our research-driven approach is at the heart of everything we do, and we believe that understanding user behaviour and preferences is the key to creating effective digital strategies. We prove time and time again that data over opinions garner great success for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

By partnering with Yoghurt Digital, businesses can benefit from our user research, experimentation, and data analysis expertise to achieve their business goals.

If you're interested in learning how Yoghurt Digital's research-driven approach can help your business, we encourage you to get in touch. Our team would happily discuss your digital goals and how we can help you achieve them through data-driven experimentation and user research.


The MONEYME Group (ASX: MME) is a leading disruptor and innovator in the consumer lending market.

Their advanced technology platform allows them to provide an outcome in seconds, with funds sent immediately once approved. From rescheduling payments to requesting another loan, they use technology to do all the heavy lifting and approach everything this way.

Leveraging AI and cloud-based technology, The MONEYME Group delivers highly automated credit products and market-leading, seamless customer experiences. Their proprietary and modular technology platform ‘Horizon’ facilitates automated loan approval and settlement, meaning approvals in minutes and fast settlement for end customers.

They offer a diversified mix of credit products and distribution channels to create significant scale and long-term customer advantages. Their automotive finance, personal loans, revolving line of credit and point-of-sale instalment products are for credit-approved customers seeking simplicity, fair pricing and flexibility.

The awesome team at Yoghurt are incredible. Throw any problem at them, and they’ll be able to overcome it in both a creative and data-driven way. Their research is thorough, their designs are on point, and their results speak for themselves. Most importantly, the team are a pleasure to deal with and are genuinely great people.

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